cancoydu: ([s] xmas red)
cancoydu ([personal profile] cancoydu) wrote on December 31st, 2011 at 07:25 pm

My dearest friends, I wish you all a very better new year. Wish whatever you wish from 2012 would come trueeee! ♥

This is what is waiting for us tonight ;

We broke our pine tree just while we try to set it up, and then was too lazy to get a new one actually LOL. And came up with filling this basket with our gifts lolol. This is the most we managed to make in years btw. Me and my brother and my friends. This is all I'm saying ♥

Also there is a huge bottle of tequila along side with Millers and a bottle of red wine. Mom and dad have never actually drunk tequila before, and it's my favorite. LOL we will play Jenga with shots. Oh yes. Hopefully it'll be a fine and a fun night. *crosses fingers*

Again, happy new year and wish you all an awesome day however you wish! ♥
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