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cancoydu ([personal profile] cancoydu) wrote on January 7th, 2012 at 10:03 pm
Supernatural 7.11 - Anything to not study, tbh.
I should have been studying but when I put the new episode on Torrentz, I assumed it would take 3 hours LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES. But instead, of course since I was going to study in that time span, it said "7 minutes left" immediately. Well... "Karma is a bitch" like one of my friends said. I should have done so many bad stuff to deserve this though.

Anyway. "The road so far was" refreshing and made me think how much I love and IN this show that I don't even care as long as there is a new episode. Yes, totally not the best two seasons and it doesn't even get better anymore. But truth is, I really couldn't care less. There are fics and boys and show and... I can be happy with little things.

At the beginning, while showing the first 3 weeks, there was a music. I will look into it but I loved how they shot those scenes. It was like a broken but calming video. Showing their drained energy after Bobby's death.

Shallow of me, please let me point out how beautiful Dean is here though, with all the pain and treat painted on his face ;

Now that it's done, we can move on with the schedule.. Ehm.

Oh sorry, the next is also SamSammySam's belly. Don't fucking lie to me that only thing you've looked at here DAT belly.

Before the episode, I saw people on [ profile] ontd_spnparty saying boys don't need an another Bobby who boys would listen to him right after Bobby died in the previous episode. Well, I see the point, and for a moment it bugged me to hear about "do it with a smile" on the back of my mind. But in the meantime, doesn't it always like that? When we lose a place in our lives, without actually realizing it we try to recover it. A friend, a daddy figure, someone acting with mother instincts on us.... We just cling to them. So that and also I like Frank enough to accept him, I think I'm good with him as long as he differentiate himself as Frank, not Frank The Bobby.

The kid was also good. So like Dean, stubborn, younger and stuck Dean that cling to daddy's life and hunter world. Also brought the dad in Dean. I like her. ♥

And the last thing... Dean, you are living with mimics. Everything's your face and it hurtssssss *sobs* [ profile] awakencordy commented on the last 10 seconds without spoilers right before I watch the ep, so I was waiting for something already. BUT BUT...... Just look at his face (or try to look behind the CW logo), he is TRYING. *weeps*

CW logo, have I ever told you how fucking I hate you? You're like.. in the middle of the screen!

AND ALSO CAS, I MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCHHHHH! Thanks to [ profile] awakencordy again, she did cut me into little pieces with her new fic about Cas. Ugh ugh. *sobbing forever*

Anything to not study, tbh.
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