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cancoydu ([personal profile] cancoydu) wrote on January 31st, 2012 at 03:38 pm
This journey goes to my scrapbook.
As most of you know, one of my closest friends is [ profile] awakencordy. She's a writer and I'm her beta beside a friend. But also, she's a lawyer alongside of being a writer. Hehe.

The other day she called me for a visit out of town for yesterday, she was going to look for a case in the court in that town. I said yeah, sure, since I literally nothing better to do, and also this is one of those rare times I meet her without a chat window connecting us. So, yeah, we took a snowstorm behind us and went to that town.

Since her storytelling is so much better than mine, if you wonder, I'll just leave you to her public entry:

Especially on our way back, it was getting colder and colder and darker. While we were waiting in the little town train station... I felt like I'm in a movie. It was a moment in time moment (as [ profile] awakencordy would say), yes, it was. There was snow, there was storm, there was a couple of complete different types of people (a businesswoman, a homeless, two middle-aged man, some random men talking to each other in silent).. It was also quite and dark, other than the wind's voice there was little voice. I loved it.

In the train, while lights are going off and on, I couldn't help but smile. I opened my book after a point (because well, it was a LONG way home back), but whenever lights went off that was a point I should look out and appreciate the beauty.

I love road trips. Any kind. I feel in peace. Like time gets frozen, and I stole that time to myself. ♥


Day continued at M's house. She's is [ profile] awakencordy's friend, and also her ex beta. By that she becomes my friend too :) Also we called other beta, H. We are completely a weird group, our writer got us together in the first place, and it's been 2,5 years for me even though I know her for 7-8 years. I love being a part of it. Also there was M's housemate, and we watched Sherlock 2x03 - The Reichenbach Fall and screamed and talked and shit. Then we went back to 1x01, we appreciated Moffat, and then went to bed.

A worthy day, it was.
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