11 February 2012 @ 12:43 am
LOL there is a TL;DR part at the end.  
. First thing's first.
. I passed 2 of my make up finals with really high grades. I'm proud. Oh, yes.
. Marketing Research keeps being a pain in my ass. Since I don't see this class as mandatory and I can't make myself love professor and go for her orders, I failed from the exam. I just.... ugh, I couldn't make myself properly study and I deserved it. (But see the other two high grades and know I'm actually capable of it. *sigh*) Damn, my stubbornness.
. Good part to that though, professor actually likes me better than I like her and she wanted me to have a project-ish thing to pass. She wanted to see my proof of understanding final's subjects as a paper and then she'll let me pass. I will deliver the paper on Monday, in the first class along with my other projects. It may be a first time someone actually studies a final after the final. *facepalm*
. I should shut my mouth though, right? She gave me a second chance eventually.

New Obsession
. Now last couple of month Christina Perri obsession settled in and I found a new one: Lana Del Ray. Exact way of my discovery started with this video [ profile] thelake shared yesterday:

After there I went and listened (and watched the amazing video of) Born To Die :

And well... Lately I'm all around Indie Pop, no regrets.

Reborn Obsession

Eeerr.... Might not safe for work. )

Thank you.

The Voice

You watch and make everyone and everyone's friends watch it. New season just started, just this week with 2 eps of "Blind Auditions". Best part of the whole season is this part. And there is nothing I enjoy much more than this show currently, tbh.


Listen Lana Del Rey if you like Indie Pop. Watch The Voice. And find me an full package of Adam Levine. Please, thank you.
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23 January 2012 @ 05:49 pm
I'm the optimistic bird in your lives today..  
After a flist tour for 3 hours, here you go little by little :

1. It's been a while, and I'd like to update with new ones. Please fill in the blanks however you wish, I will put them on my profile. ♥

The _________ to my _________.

2. Stolen from [ profile] thefreshchuff.

Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

There was no power of recuperation left, no reserve strength to call upon.

=)))))) I snorted. JKJK. It also goes on as "It had been all used, the last least bit of it. Every muscle, every fiber, every cell, was tired, dead tired.

3. My fandom identification card.

4. I started reading books again. Yesterday night when I go to bed, I got the last book I started and left abondened AGES AGO; Switching Time. It's depressing as hell to read Karen's life, past and today, but I know there'll be a happy ending, so I'm holding on. Read about 10-20 pages, I didn't even check, as always I was lost in her life too much. And also being truly honest, I can say I feel more positive about my stupid problems since people live THOSE THINGS and can survive. What even self. Yes.

5. Today was like a scheduling day for myself. I made myself get up early for no reason, took a shower first, then exercised a little with the program called "Fitness Friend" on my BB I dowloaded ages ago just for the sake of exercising and poking my body because lately I felt more pain at my different parts for no reason, just because lack of action. (AND PLEASE IGNORE THE MIXTURE OF TIMING ON SHOWERING AND EXERCISING.) When I'm done with myself, ordered the house, did this and that dad asked for, then settled in front of my computer. Went to the previous entry my flist lets me and read each and every one of them since 10th of January, commented nicely if I had something to say. I'm a good fella today.

6. [ profile] thelake and [ profile] glenien asked me to joing their movie date on Wednesday at 6:30pm. We'll be watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and here the moment I regret I haven't read the books in time. (IT'LL BE HAPPEN FOR HUNGER GAMES TOO. JUST SAYING. UGH.)

7. Now I can go and take pictures of my amazing room. I FORGOT DOING IT IN DAYLIGHT THOUGH. BOO. *HEADDESK*
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