12 March 2012 @ 06:54 pm
I will just start calling myself The Cat Whisperer.  
I gotta write this one.

When I got back from school, as always I was checking around the apartment if everything was fine with the cats. There was little cat food in my bag, so I poured it to their usual place.

All the cats around here used to me so much, they even take my orders. They know their usual places and getting into a line they wait for the food at the exact place everytime. So it was unusual when one of the best-natured cats was acting so aggressive and attacking every cat within 2 meters. I was patting and holding her back, but seriously I was like "what the fuck is happening here...?!"

Her usual area is 3 blocks away, so when I decided that I can't let her here like this, cause she was even attacking the smaller cats and even a hurt one, I took her in my arms and walked to her area. She was just so good with me, actually was happy in my arms, but even when there were other cats around me, she was hissing.

Still puzzled, I left her in her area, assuming she'd calm down after she got her sleep at least or something lol, turned back and started walking back home. Then I realized she was still coming with me, I stopped and looked, asked "what?!".. And she meowed me for the fucking first time. I had never heard her voice before and I've known her for 3 years. So, still puzzled, I turned back again towards her place, and after one more time meowing to me, starting walking. I got the cue, and walked along with her without having any clue what the hell was happening.

She took me to a corner place under the balconies, a different little place, behind a wire mesh, a weird place for sure, but I figured it's her place. I was there before, but never actually saw any cats there, only some kittens without their mother. Well yes, apparently the mother was always her. Now though, checking still I'm there, she got into the place, walking around and laid down somewhere protective. She was out of my reach, but I was able to see her clearly.

So I assumed I was done, she just showed me her place (why even?!), turned back again, going back home. When I was a block away, she was again with me. I'm not sure if it sounds weird to you, if you're around with cats or not, BUT BE SURE IT'S FUCKING WEIRD. I stopped, looked at her, asked "what" again, she meowed, and we took the same road again. She settled to the same place, and meowed to me.

I saw her stomach clenching, having a pang. Then I got it. STUPID AS FUCK. She was pregnant yeah, but it wasn't that big, so I was assuming she still had at least 2 weeks. DUDE. She was having her babies, and asking me to stay with her.

I watched her settle again, relaxing, looking at me. So yeah, I was thinking what the hell was happening, what the hell did she want from me, I started waiting. Cause;

1. She's not that MY cat, and she had plenty babies before that I actually was looking for a chance she wasn't pregnant so I could took her to my cousin for neutralizing but she was always pregnant or feeding her kittens SOMEWHERE I had no idea. So it was weird that she was even showing her safe place to me.
2. Mother cats never look for someone around, they actually get nervous with people and doesn't want anyone else while they're having their babies.

So. I waited there for 15 minutes in serious cold weather. Whenever I tried to move, she was up, looking at me. When I stop and settle watching again, she would turn and have her relaxed position. After 15 minutes though, since there was nothing I could do and it's going to take forever to give birth (probably all night), I moved WAY too silent and got away from there.

Now it's been an hour I'm home, but my mind is there. Because of their amazing instincts, this unusual behavior can mean her birth will go wrong and she'll need my help. I don't even know. I'm just out of thoughts, cause it's been 4-5 years I've been dealing with stray cats, and I've never lived something quite like this.

And I've been watching way too much Animal Planet lately, I will just start calling myself The Cat Whisperer. A-ha. Exactly.
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