07 January 2012 @ 10:03 pm
Supernatural 7.11 - Anything to not study, tbh.  
I should have been studying but when I put the new episode on Torrentz, I assumed it would take 3 hours LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES. But instead, of course since I was going to study in that time span, it said "7 minutes left" immediately. Well... "Karma is a bitch" like one of my friends said. I should have done so many bad stuff to deserve this though.

Anyway. The road so far.. )

AND ALSO CAS, I MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCHHHHH! Thanks to [ profile] awakencordy again, she did cut me into little pieces with her new fic about Cas. Ugh ugh. *sobbing forever*

Anything to not study, tbh.
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