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cancoydu ([personal profile] cancoydu) wrote on February 1st, 2012 at 12:02 am
What snow does to a family..
View of Istanbul from our window today and tonight;

I took that last photo just 15 min ago and it's getting even WORSE if it's really possible. There is a storm outside and I'm actually sad for homeless people and animals. It's cold.

Besides that, I couldn't help to 5 year-old living inside me and it happened like this:

Mom and dad were randomly watching TV. There was a stupid show and they were eating junk food head to head. Brother was hanging with his laptop, basically doing nothing. I was spending time in his room and wasn't studying when I actually should have but chatting randomly with my brother.

Then I got up, went to living room, opened the window, filled my hand full of snow, and turned to my dad and mom. Smirking, I basically threw everything in my hand towards them. It wasn't an actual snowball because snow was like cotton and scattering in my hands. But it started the play as my intention, hehehee.

At some point mom locked herself to bedroom, dad to bathroom, and brother to his bedroom. And I'm in the middle of the house, holding a snowball. *smirks* It went on for about 30 min.

ANNDDD NOOOOWWWW THEY DECIDED TO GO OUTSIDE. ALL TOGETHER. (ETA: It's midnight. No lie.) I said I got rid of that energy in me and now I'm okay but brother gave me 5 min to be ready lol. Well.. I can't say no to my brother, can I? :D *goes*
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